Dog Bite & Mauling Lawyers in Arlington, Texas

Not every dog is cute and cuddly. Dogs can be predictable and at times vicious. Every breed of dog has the potential to turn on someone and bite or attack them. Dog bites can render substantial injuries, especially to children. Some dogs have mauled children, and adults, without the slightest bit of provocation. These vicious animals tear into the face and throat of their victim and thrash until the person dies a horrible and excruciating death. Thankfully, these brutal attacks do not happen often.

If you or a loved one suffered a dog bite or animal attack, you could be eligible to file a legal claim for damages. The Arlington dog bite lawyers with the Fulgham Hampton Law Group aggressively pursue compensation from the dog’s owner and anyone else who might be responsible for the dog attack. We know that dog bites can be very serious injuries that can cause substantial medical complications, which is why you need zealous representation for your Arlington dog bite claim from the Fulgham Hampton Law Group.

Liability for Dog Bites in Texas

Texas law does not allow for the victim of a dog bite to file a claim for the first bite in the usual circumstance. There are times that a dog bite victim can file a claim against the dog owner or premises owner which will be discussed below. Texas animal law requires that the dog owner know that his or her dog has bitten previously before the dog owner faces civil liability for the dog bite victim’s injuries. The legal requirement is known as “scienter,” and the rule is frequently cited as the “one bite rule.”

Under the one bite rule, the dog owner will be responsible for the animal attack because the owner knew of the dog’s aggressive tendencies and failed to protect the victim. The animal owner is strictly liable for the injuries no matter if the victim somehow provoked an attack or the owner was not negligent.

The exception to the one bite rule applies if the dog is known to be a vicious animal. Arlington has an ordinance in place which governs when a dog should be classified as dangerous. Under Arlington’s ordinance, a dangerous dog is one that:

  • Attacked a human when unprovoked causing injury,
  • The attack occurred away from the animal’s normal enclosure, or
  • The animal makes unprovoked attacks away from the enclosure which causes a person to reasonably believe that he or she will experience an injury due to an animal attack.

An animal owner can be proved negligent for failing to comply with Arlington city ordinances relating to dangerous dogs. Additionally, all dogs in Arlington outside of their yard or enclosure must be on a leash at all times. Arlington does not allow for dogs to be “at heel” as an alternative.

How an Arlington Dog Bite Attorney Can Help You

Dog bite cases in Arlington can be complex because of the various laws and ordinances that come into play. Additionally, Texas law essentially gives the dog one free bite unless it can be shown to be a dangerous dog. That is why your Arlington dog bite lawyer from the Fulgham Hampton Law Group will conduct a thorough and exhaustive investigation into the dog’s prior aggressive behaviors. Homeowners insurance companies in Texas can make it very difficult to settle a claim in a just way unless the dog bite victim shows that the dog was aggressive before. Additionally, homeowners insurance companies will try to “short change” damages even though the victim suffered disfiguring injuries, an infection, broken bones, and scarring as a result of the dog attack.

Arlington Dog Bite Attorneys Willing to Fight for You

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