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Fort Worth contract attorneys at FH Law Group recognize that effectively negotiated and drafted commercial agreements are an indispensable component of the financial success of any business. The profitability and growth of a company depend on success at every stage of development of a business agreement.  These stages include negotiation of the contract, memorialization of the terms through effective drafting, and cost-effective resolution of disputes.  The attorneys at FH Law Group offer finely tuned business acumen and extensive commercial litigation experience when contract disputes arise, which often leads to negotiated resolutions that reduce litigation expenses, operational disruptions, and management distractions.  At FH Law Group, we tenaciously and effectively pursue the objectives of our clients whether through negotiations or trial.

Diligently Representing Clients in Breach of Contract Disputes

When an employee sues for breach of an employment agreement or a supplier refuses to deliver materials according to an agreed delivery schedule and at the negotiated price, business operations can be crippled.  Although our Fort Worth commercial contract law firm recognizes the value of negotiations in avoiding costly litigation, we are prepared to tenaciously represent the interests of our business clients when litigation is the appropriate approach.

When your business profitability is threatened by another party’s breach of contract, our law firm diligently represents the best interest of our commercial clients.  While this representation typically commences with a careful review and analysis of the agreement, factual circumstances, and relevant supporting documents, some of the ways that we can assist our clients in prevailing in such disputes include:

  • Establishing Breach of Contract Pleading Requirements: Success in a civil lawsuit for breach of contract necessitates artfully pleading and presenting evidence to establish the existence of a valid contract, material breach, and quantification of damages.
  • Exposing Ambiguities or Flaws in Contract Formation: A wide range of contract formation failings can make a contract unenforceable, such as lack of material terms, ambiguities, duress, no meeting of the minds, or fraud. Our law firm analyzes contracts for such deficiencies when our clients seek protection from enforcement of an agreement.
  • Effective Use of Expert Witnesses: Whether a contract dispute involves a conflict over the parties’ understanding of the terms of an agreement or failure of a party to perform, we often work with relevant industry specific experts. These experts can assist the judge or jury in understanding complex terms and industry specific practices.  Skillful use of experts can ensure that decision-makers in the litigation process understand the relevant technically sophisticated issues.

Contract Disputes Handled by Our Commercial Litigation Law Firm

Because Fort Worth commercial litigation attorneys at FH Law Group have extensive litigation experience handling many contract disputes, our law firm represents clients in the full range of business contract disputes.  Our law firm successfully represents clients in breach of contract claims involving the following types of contracts:

Service Contracts: This form of contract involves an agreement for one party to provide services to another for consideration within a designated period of time.  The agreement usually defines the responsibilities of the service provider and the schedule of payments.

Employment Contracts: Formal written employment agreements assist both parties to the employment relationship by delineating the responsibilities of each party and often impose restrictions on employees following termination.  These restrictions include not soliciting customers or employees, not competing against the prior employer for a period of time and not divulging the employer’s confidential information.  The attorneys at FH Law Group have extensive experience in disputes involving such restrictions.  Further, employment contract claims might involve compensation disputes and wrongful termination claims to name a couple examples.

Buy-Sell Contracts: These agreements govern how interests in a business or resources of a business are transferred to a new owner.  Given that closely held businesses often are operated or sold for many years by parties selling the business, disputes that arise over buy-sell agreements tend to be extremely sensitive.  Buy-sell agreements also can become the source of disputes between owners over control, allocation of sale proceeds, and other conflicts between co-owners.

We represent companies in contract matters throughout the Fort Worth area with business matters ranging from employee-employer conflicts to complex breach of contract disputes in sophisticated multi-party transactions.  Our law firm is committed to providing the highest quality legal service when seeking to control litigation costs and protect our clients’ interests.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation at (817) 697-4400 or visit our website.