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While the petroleum industry constitutes a vital source of energy and an indispensable segment of the economy, the oil fields of Texas are filled with potential hazards.  Workers in North Texas and throughout the state face an array of challenges.  Our Forth Worth oil field accident attorneys understand the hazards faced by oil and gas industry workers, Fort Worth oil field accident attorneys at FH Law Group tenaciously advocate for the rights of victims and the families of those who experience serious injury or wrongful death.

The attorneys at FH Law Group provide their clients with the benefit of experienced trial attorneys who have handled over a hundred trials including many jury trials.  At our law firm, we diligently prepare for trial which often leads to settlements favorable to our clients.  The collective trial experience of the attorneys at FH Law Group means that insurance companies know they will not hesitate to take a case to trial if this strategy is in the best interest of our client.

Common Hazards Causing Oil Field Injuries and Fatalities

Since our law firm has handled a variety of oil field accident cases, we have the expertise and experience to handle the full spectrum of oil and gas injury claims, such as:

Fires & Explosions: Combustible gases and vapors near drilling rigs can easily be ignited by open flames, lit cigarettes, friction generated heat, cutting or welding tools throwing sparks, and hot surfaces.

Caught-In/Caught Between/Struck By: Oil drilling workplaces workers near a wide range of machinery and heavy equipment that includes forklifts, pipes, high-pressure lines, cranes, rotating wellhead equipment, derricks, and more.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards: Elevated oil rigs in Texas oil fields constitute a fall risk.  When proper safety equipment and procedures are not observed, the potential for serious injury or fatal falls rises.  Slick substances and tripping hazards also can cause fall accidents.

Ergonomic Risks: Jobs in oil fields typically are physically intense and require actions like twisting, lifting, bending, reaching, pulling, or pushing heavy objects.

Many accidents on oil field sites could be prevented with proper safety procedures, employee training, and compliance with OSHA rules and other regulatory standards.  When companies place profits above safety, the consequence can be devastating.  Common factors that cause injury to workers in oil and gas fields include:

  • Failure to provide proper safety equipment
  • Excess fatigue among employees
  • Obsolete or improperly maintained equipment
  • Gas and oil worker fatigue

Legal Options for Injured Oil and Gas Workers

If you are injured performing your job working in an oil field, you might have multiple options for pursuing financial relief for your injuries.  The Texas workers compensation system provides remedies against an employer.  When you are injured while working in an oil field, the workers compensation system provides medical and wage loss benefits.  Although these benefits are available on a “no fault” basis, they tend to be far more limited than damages that could be sought in a personal injury lawsuit.  Fort Worth oil field accident lawyers at FH Lawgroup often pursue personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits against responsible third-parties to recover monies for types of damages outside the workers compensation system like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and punitive damages.

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If you are injured while working in a North Texas oil field, our law firm tenaciously pursues workers compensation and personal injury damages for our clients.  At FH Law Group, we tenaciously pursue the maximum recovery for injury victims in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Tarrant County.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation at (817) 877-3031 or visit our website.

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The Fulgham Hampton Law Group legal team of injury lawyers provides you with skilled litigators that have tried over 100 jury trials in Texas with expertise in matters ranging from car accident cases, complex cases with insurance companies and skilled settlement negotiations. Our injury lawyers are here to help you navigate the complex legal system and make important decisions to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Years Experience

Our legal team of personal injury lawyers has over 45+ years of experience and over 100 jury trials in Texas. Our personal injury attorneys have a stellar reputation for dealing with insurance companies, negotiating favorable settlements with insurance companies, providing a thorough and prompt investigation and fighting to make sure you receive all the compensation your entitled to under the law.

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Once you entrust us with your case, we commit to you and your cause and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Because we limit the number of cases we accept, our injury attorneys and staff are able to focus on your case and commit the time and resources necessary to achieve the best possible result. We promise you that your case will be handled with compassion and the personal attention and detail you deserve!

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