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Have you or your loved one endured a dog mauling? If you or your loved one has been bitten or attacked by an unrestrained dog, you could be qualified to recover financial compensation otherwise known as “damages.”

Damages You Could You Recover After a Dog Attack with Injuries

The State of Texas has specific dog and animal attack laws designed to protect citizens’ rights after a negligent pet owner who has sidestepped their responsibilities to manage their pet properly. These Texas Dog Bite Laws, also known as “Title 9, Chapter 822. Regulation of Animals” set forth the legal definitions, regulations, and rules that apply to dog attacks, owner responsibilities and legal remedies to compensate the victims of another’s pet.

Important Dog Bite Laws and Regulations to Understand

In Section 822.041, a dog owner is required by Texas law to have a “secure enclosure” in order to prevent their dog from leaving their property. In other words, a dog owner must make a reasonable effort to ensure that their dog remains within the dog owner’s property. This requirement may require the dog owner to use an enclosure to prevent the dog from leaving or escaping the dog owner’s property.

In Section 822.002, the State of Texas grants judicial courts, county courts or municipal courts the right to issue a warrant to seize a dog that has caused serious bodily injury or death to a person.

In Section 822.005, titled “Attack by Dog,” a dog owner, could be held criminally negligent if he or she has lost control over their dog and their “unprovoked” dog causes injuries, property damage or the death of a person. If the victim of the dog attack succumbs to their injuries, the dog owner could face second-degree felony criminal charges.

In Section 822.042, Texas law places additional requirements on dog owners who own a dog that is defined as a “Dangerous Dog.” This section defines very specific legal requirements for the ownership, handling, management and securing of these types of dogs including mandatory liability insurance, special “secure enclosures” and compulsory leashing of the pet when the pet is moved from the dog owner’s property.

Unfortunately, many dog owners are not aware of these important animal laws or worse – they choose not to obey our state’s animal control laws. However, the law is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of the public and not dog owners. A dog owner’s ignorance of state laws will not be an effective defense in court when the dog owner is defending themselves from a civil lawsuit or criminal prosecution.

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