Bus Accident Lawyer in Arlington, Texas

Even though many people own at least one car, thousands of people ride buses every year in Arlington. Whether you need to get from Arlington to Dallas or Fort Worth for work or pleasure, taking a vacation across the state, or take the bus as your primary method of transportation, bus service plays a vital role in getting around in the Arlington, TX area. Arlington even boasts “Milo,” an autonomous bus-like vehicle that riders can hop on for free in downtown Arlington. Of course, school buses filled with children traverse Arlington twice daily.

Bus crashes are rare, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). However, when bus crashes do occur, the results can be deadly. Therefore, bus safety is paramount. Most bus companies, whether they are school bus companies or coach bus companies, follow the rules established by the FMCSA as well as the laws and regulations of Texas. Notwithstanding, accidents happen, and when they do, there is a substantial likelihood that someone will be severely injured or killed in the crash. Many times the loss of life and the number of injuries is catastrophic in bus crashes.

If you or some in your family suffered severe injuries in an Arlington bus crash or lost a family member in an Arlington bus crash, you have valuable rights and may be eligible to recover substantial financial compensation for your injuries. Not every Texas lawyer is capable of protecting your rights. Arlington bus crash attorneys from the Fulgham Hampton Law Group have the expertise and track record of success you and your family need to receive just compensation for your loss in an Arlington bus accident.

Arlington Passenger Bus Crashes

Arlington passenger bus crashes occur for a number of reasons. Bus riders are at the mercy of the driver as well as other traffic around them. Therefore, bus crashes can happen when:

  • the bus driver operates negligently,
  • the bus driver operates aggressively by speeding, changing lanes dangerously, or turning wildly,
  • the bus driver is inattentive due to unlawfully using a cell phone or is otherwise distracted while driving,
  • the bus driver is operating the bus unlawfully after taking alcohol or drugs, or
  • the bus driver is driving while fatigued.

The bus driver must also contend with other drivers who carelessly operate their vehicles as well.

Arlington School Bus Crashes

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates school bus operation on a federal level. According to the NHTSA, children are 70 times more likely to suffer an injury in a car accident while riding to school in their parents’ car than a school bus. Statistically, school bus crashes do not happen very often, thankfully.  The relatively low number of school bus accidents may be attributed to the added protection from Texas’ state laws which contribute to your children’s safety. Despite the added protection afforded by state and federal laws, school bus accidents still occur and children still suffer injuries or die. The NHTSA calculated that on average four to six children die annually in school bus wrecks.

Damages for Bus Crashes

Bus companies and operators must abide by a higher standard of care than the average person under Texas law. Common carriers are businesses that transport people or goods in exchange for money. Texas law describes the duty a common carrier owes to its passengers as “the highest degree of foresight as to possible dangers and such a high degree of prudence guarding against them, as would be used by a very cautious, prudent and competent man under the same or similar circumstances.” In other words, bus companies must be militant about preventing injury to their passengers. Otherwise, Texas law would hold them responsible for damages.

Damage awards for Arlington bus crashes include:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Past financial loses,
  • Future financial loss,
  • Past physical pain and mental anguish, and
  • Physical pain and mental anguish one could experience in the future.

Texas Law Limits the Time to File a Claim

You must not delay contacting Fulgham Hampton’s Arlington bus crash lawyers to start your legal claim for damages. Texas law limits when a claim may be filed. Additionally, if your claim is against a governmental agency, then there are notice requires which must be met before you can file a claim. Therefore, you must contract Fulgham Hampton today at 817-697-4400 to speak with our Arlington bus crash attorneys so you can protect your valuable rights and preserve your claim.