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Fort Worth is known for hot weather, but sometimes these conditions give way to extreme winds, hail storms, or even tornados.  Homes often suffer damage to their roof because of extreme wind or other harsh weather during an intense storm.  A compromised roof can lead to damage to the interior of your home and your personal property by penetration from rain if the roof is not repaired within a reasonable period.  Many Tarrant County residents find that their insurance company refuses to pay the actual value of their roof damage claim, delays the claim, or denies the claim entirely.

At our Fort Worth roof damage claims law firm, we know the strategies that insurance companies utilize to deny these homeowners insurance claims.  Insurance companies often send an engineer or roof consultant to evaluate your roof damage.  The expert typically will conclude that the damage is the product of the roof’s age rather than the product of storm damage.  The insurance company uses this approach to deny that the damage is covered and argues the roof is simply in need of replacement.  The experts used by insurance companies receive a high volume of work from insurance carriers, so it is predictable that their reports tend to conclude that roof damage is the product of age rather than storm damage.

Insurance Company Strategy of Attributing Storm Damage to Age

At FH Law Group, we do not rely on the report provided by your homeowner’s insurance company’s hired gun.  We often use a wide range of independent experts, including a forensic meteorologist, qualified roofer, and/or an engineer.  Our legal team typically conducts an extensive investigation of the facts, including the severity of the weather, the impact on surrounding houses, and physical evidence of storm damage as opposed to deterioration from age.

Fort Worth experiences hailstorms that can cause such severe damage that the entire roof needs to be replaced.  The insurance company typically suggests that roof damage is the result of ordinary wear and tear rather than a hailstorm.  During a hailstorm, the granules may become dislodged from the roof shingles, which can damage the useful life of the roof.  The insurance company usually will only offer minor repairs when replacement of a portion of the roof or the entire roof is required.

Our dedicated Fort Worth roof claims lawyers provide an intensive investigation of our clients’ claims and tenacious advocacy for policyholders.  We know that if your roof is damaged during a storm you could face the risk of more extensive damage to your home and household possessions.  While it is important to mitigate any such damage by using plastic, tarps or other barriers, we also recognize that time is of the essence in obtaining the protection promised by your insurance policy.  If your insurance company continues refusing to handle your claim in a timely manner, our experienced Tarrant County roof claims attorneys may be able to file a claim for breach of contract or bad faith.

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If your home suffers roof damage in a Texas storm, our experienced Fort Worth roof insurance claims attorneys can conduct an independent investigation.  If your insurance company is unreasonably delaying your claim, denying your claim, or trying to settle it for less than the cost of repair, our law firm might be able to help you obtain the compensation you need to protect your home and property.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation at (817) 697-4400 or visit our website.