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Question: What is the point of buying insurance? Answer: To ensure you are protected when the unexpected hits.

That seems obvious, right? You pay insurers a fixed amount on a regular basis for the promise that they will help you recover if something bad ever happens.

Like, for example, a record-breaking hurricane. Or an automobile accident. A fire. Theft. A devastating illness. If you can imagine a particular type of harm, there is almost certainly someone selling insurance for it. Unfortunately, insurers are for-profit businesses. Their mission is not to protect you. It is not to help you out. They exist to make money.

How do they do this? By taking in more money than they pay out.

One of the big ways they do this is by working very hard to pay as little as possible when someone makes a claim.

There are a number of things they do to achieve this goal, but two of the biggest are:

  1. Creating complicated and confusing policies.
  2. Engaging in bad faith insurance practices.

What happens if you run up against this kind of problem? Simple: call the Fulgham Hampton Law Group. Our lawyers have helped countless people in and around Fort Worth to fight back against unscrupulous insurance companies, and they are ready and willing to protect your rights, too.

Insurance Claim Attorneys That Understand Who Gets Hurt by Unscrupulous Insurers in Fort Worth

Who is impacted when insurance companies refuse to honor valid claims?

Individuals. If you get into an accident and your medical or car insurance will not cover it, you are the one who is negatively impacted. Either you will not be able to get the care you need or replace your car, or you will have to drain your savings. This can set people back for years – and it should not happen if an incident was covered by insurance.

Homeowners. Owning a home is an expensive investment. If something happens to it, the cost of repairs can be enormous. In fact, many times home insurance is required in order to secure the loan that allows you to buy it. When insurers deny homeowners’ valid claims, it can lead to bankruptcy, homelessness, and more.

Families. Often, denying a valid insurance claim hurts more than just a single individual – it puts undue stress on an entire family. If parents have to empty bank accounts to cover a loss, it can negatively impact their ability to pay for their children’s education, life enrichment activities, and even basic necessities.

Businesses – and employees. A severe damaged home might cost a homeowner tens – or even hundreds – of thousands of dollars. That is obviously bad. Now imagine a severely damaged store. Lost merchandise or equipment. The cost for a business can easily creep into the millions, and most small-to-medium-sized companies just cannot handle that.

Best case scenario, they might go from booming to struggling. Worst case scenario, they could end up having to close, costing people their jobs and the area a source of tax revenue.

The public. Who ultimately pays if individuals and businesses cannot handle things on their own? Everyone. People who are struggling tend to need more help in the form of charity, public assistance, and so on. Areas that lose businesses can go into a downward spiral. The only one that actually “wins” is the insurer.

Types of Insurance Claims in Tarrant County the Fulgham Hampton Law Group Can Help You With

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No one deserves to be denied or lowballed by their insurance company for a valid claim. Unfortunately, insurance law is so complicated that many people do not even realize that their insurer is acting unscrupulously.

If you are worried that you are getting a bad deal from your insurance company, the best thing that you can do is reach out to the Fulgham Hampton Law Group. Our knowledgeable lawyers can look over the facts of your case and let you know what options are available.

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