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Fort Worth business insurance claims attorneys at FH Law Group recognizes the impact of a natural disaster, personal injury lawsuit, vandalism, and other forms of loss on a company.  Commercial coverage is designed to protect businesses from unanticipated losses, such as property damage, business interruption, litigation expenses, and liability judgments.  Shoppers may slip and fall on the floor of a grocery store, or nefarious actors may assault patrons in your parking lot.  At FH Law Group., we work diligently to ensure that businesses experience a minimum of disruption from a loss or lawsuit while pursuing a full recovery for all covered losses.

While most business owners and executives would prefer to avoid needing to file a commercial claim,  four in ten small companies will file a general liability or property damage claim over the next decade according to a report in the Insurance Journal.  The most common commercial claims include the following:

  • Hail or wind damage (15 percent)
  • Harm to a company’s business reputation (5 percent)
  • Theft or burglary (20 percent)
  • Vehicle collisions (5 percent)
  • Water or ice damage (15 percent)
  • Damage to business reputation (5 percent)
  • Fire (10 percent)
  • Struck by an object (5 percent)
  • Slip and falls (10 percent)
  • Unsafe or defective products (5 percent)
  • Other injuries to customers (5 percent)

When a company operates without adequate commercial coverage for property loss or general liability, the business is at an unnecessary risk.  Plans to pay out of pocket for losses or concerns about premiums do not provide sufficient basis for failing to purchase commercial coverage.

Commercial Insurance Coverage in Fort Worth, TX

The risk of liability is why business owners carry general liability insurance coverage.  While business owners can mitigate these risks by implementing safety precautions and installing adequate security measures, there is no way that the possibility of lawsuits can be eliminated.  Even if an accident is not the fault of a business owner, the victim could sue the company.

After a lawsuit is filed because of injuries sustained in an accident or crime on the premises of a commercial establishment, the business owner will face the cost of defending against the lawsuit and/or the expense of paying a judgment or settlement.  In some cases, the cost of prevailing in litigation is a hollow victory because of the expense associated with the cost of mounting a defense.

A business owner’s commercial liability insurance coverage provides protection against liability claims.  The insurance company will generally step into the shoes of an insured who is facing a lawsuit.  The insurance company will conduct negotiations with the plaintiff and his or her attorney while investigating the claim and attempting to negotiate a settlement.  If an appropriate settlement cannot be reached, the insurance company may hire attorneys to represent the insured business in litigation.  If your insurance company refuses to defend a lawsuit or cover property damage and other expenses caused by a covered peril, Fort Worth business insurance lawyers at FH Law Group will diligently pursue payment of commercial claims.  If breach of the insurance contract or bad faith insurance litigation provides the best option, attorneys at FH Law Group have handled over a hundred trials.

Our law firm handles a broad range of claims where the commercial carrier denies, lowballs, or delays payment on a claim.  Some of the claims we assist with include:

  • Employer defense
  • Professional liability defense
  • Construction defect and casualty claims
  • Product liability defense
  • Property damage claims
  • Business tort litigation
  • Premises liability claims
  • Workplace and industrial safety claims
  • Litigation of business disputes (e.g. partnership disagreements, fraud, losses from contract disputes)
  • Public entity defense

Forcing Commercial Insurance Carriers  to Defend and Pay Claims

Although a business owner pays premiums in a timely manner, the insurance company might fail to meet its contractual obligations under the policy when a claim is filed.  The carrier might deny the claim based on the contention that the incident that caused an injury was the result of gross negligence or willful action.  Commercial policies will typically exclude claims if they are caused by acts of gross negligence or willful conduct by an employee of the insured.  Similarly, the insurance company might deny a water damage claim caused by a peril that is not covered.

The insurer also might engage in other conduct that compromises a business owner’s interests.  These alternative tactics might include refusing to accept a reasonable settlement offer within policy limits before losing at trial.  This result could expose the policyholder to a judgment significantly exceeding policy limits.  If this occurs, the policyholder will be liable for the deficiency between coverage limits and the judgment.  If your commercial insurance carrier is acting in bad faith, you need a law firm that is prepared to fight for your interests.

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