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While they say everything is big in Texas, most people probably would not imagine this observation also applies to hailstorms.  The amount paid out for hail claims during 2016 exceeded the prior two years combined according to the National Insurance Claim Bureau (NICB).  Texas led the country in hail claims for the year, and the number of claims was four times higher than the state with the second-highest number of claims.  Although insurance companies have a legal duty to handle claims in a timely and fair manner, insurers are motivated by profits not to promptly pay the full value of property loss claims.  Fort Worth hail claim insurance attorneys at FH Law Group have the experience, determination, and expertise to assist owners of homes, businesses, and vehicles in holding insurance companies accountable to fulfill their promise of coverage.

Hail Damage in Texas

When a devastating hail storm wreaks havoc in Texas, roof damage constitutes the most common basis for insurance claims.  The most important and common issues that arise in the wake of hailstorm damage to a roof involves whether replacement or repair provides the proper remedy.  Predictably, insurance companies that handle property damage claims to homes and businesses often do little more than patch areas with visible damage.  This approach of administering patchwork repairs frequently leaves behind structural damage that is not visible.  This unrepaired area of the roof will be especially vulnerable to future deterioration.  Although insurance companies have a legal duty to investigate your claim, this type of hidden damage will go undetected without more thorough examination, such as the use of an infrared inspection.  Tarrant County hail damage claims lawyers often assist clients in arranging an inspection by an expert that does not have a financial interest in producing a report and recommendations favorable to the insurer.

While insurance companies might tell their policyholder that an “independent” investigator is being sent to evaluate the damage.  This individual usually will handle many claims for the insurance company.  Although these so-called “independent” experts might not be actual employees of the insurance carrier, they will have a financial incentive to produce a report that minimizes the extent of the damage or denies the claim to entice the insurer to retain their services in the future.

Insurance Company Tactics for Promoting Roof Repair over Roof Replacement

Insurance carriers have an array of strategies to deny or lowball the amount paid out on hail damage claims in Texas.  Two of the most common approaches include blaming roof issues on lack of maintenance and dragging out the claims process.  The insurance adjuster or representative inspecting the damage often blames wear and tear or age-related deterioration for the problems.  Our law firm often exposes such tactics with experts we retain and a thorough investigation.  When neighbors throughout the neighborhood receive new roofs, the claim that your roof damage was caused by age rings hollow.

The other strategy frequently used by insurance companies involves intentionally delaying payment of the claim.  During the process of adjusting and paying the claim, time remains clearly on the side of the insurance company.  Since the insurer can leave the money that would be used to pay claims invested until providing payment to policyholders, delay directly generates revenue for the insurance company.  A prolonged claims process has the opposite impact on an insured who will rely on the proceeds from the claim to cover expenses and losses.  Insurance companies know that the increased stress associated with an unresolved claim can motivate policyholders to settle a claim for pennies on the dollar.  Experienced Tarrant County hail damage claim lawyers understand how to push the process forward and pursue extra-contractual damages for bad faith tactics of delay.

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