Arlington Premises Liability Lawyers

Texas property owners have a duty to protect the people who enter their land. The nature of the duty varies depending on how Texas law defines the person who came onto the property. Most of the time, any person who comes onto another’s land and suffers an injury, the injured victim may be eligible to file a claim for damages due to the obligation of the landowner or the landowner’s negligence.

Texas premises liability law is a complex area of personal injury law. Merely alleging that a person slipped and fell on another’s property is not enough to win a claim for damages. Moreover, property insurance companies vigorously defend slip and fall cases because of the potential for abuse. These are the reasons for having a zealous advocate working for you to maximize your chance to recover substantial financial compensation for your Arlington premises liability claim. The Arlington premises liability lawyers understand the complexities of Texas premises liability legal actions. They will thoroughly prepare your case and investigate every angle to hold the premises owner liable for your injuries.

Different Premises Liability Claims in Arlington, Texas

The underlying facts of your case will determine how we will proceed on your behalf. Not all slip and fall or premise liability cases are identical. Each case varies in significant ways factually and legally. That is why we thoroughly analyze your claim. We leave no stone unturned and work diligently to make your case legally and factually strong.

The typical premises liability claim involves the victim encountering a dangerous condition and suffering an injury because of it. In that case, the plaintiff must prove that:

  • Some condition was on the premise, such as a slippery foreign substance on a tile floor,
  • The defective condition proximately caused the injury,
  • The owner or operator of the location knew or should have known about the dangerous condition, and
  • The owner or operator of the premises failed to correct the problem.

A common slip and fall case is when a shopper enters a store and falls on a wet floor. In that case, the shopper is an invitee. Generally, landowners owe invitees the highest duty of care that the law requires.

The other typical premises liability case is founded on a negligence theory of liability. In a liability case, the person suffers an injury due to the action or inaction of a person connected to the premises and not because there was a problem with the structure of the premises. One common example would be a supermarket employee striking a person with a shopping cart accidentally. In that instance, the employer would be liable for its employee’s negligence and failure to carefully navigate the shopping cart through the store.

There is a similar negligence claim that a tenant could bring against a landlord. In that instance, the landlord assumes the responsibility to keep the premises safe. For example, the light in the stairwell malfunctions and the tenant falls despite the tenant giving notice to the landlord about the problem. The landlord could be responsible for the injuries suffered by the tenant in those circumstances.

Injuries in Arlington Premises Liability Cases

Slip and falls are dangerous for persons of any age. The elderly are at a high risk of suffering a significant injury from a fall. Some common injuries we see in Arlington premises liability cases are:

  • Head injuries,
  • Broken bones, especially, legs, ankles, hips, wrists, fingers and elbows,
  • Sprains and strains,
  • Neck injuries,
  • Back or spinal injuries,
  • Internal injuries,
  • Lacerations, and

Other injuries could occur. For example, a person could fall and strike his or her head with such force it renders that person unconscious. A significant fall like that could be deadly to some.

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