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Large trucks move commerce through Arlington and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and to other parts of the state and region. Large trucks seem to dominate the road at times and driving with them can be intimidating. Trucks occupy a lot of room on interstates and surface roads. When they do collide with another vehicle, the occupants of the passenger vehicle are the ones who are injured or die. Truck drivers rarely die in collisions with passenger vehicles. That stands to reason because the size and speed of a big rig generate a substantial amount of force. That force applied to a passenger vehicle can rip destroy a car, pickup, or sport utility vehicle.

The Arlington truck accident attorneys with the Fulgham Hampton Law Group have a well-earned reputation for vigorous advocacy on behalf of their clients injured or killed in large truck crashes. Large truck accidents are complicated legal matters. There are many issues which deserve significant consideration that typically do not arise in the average car accident case. That is why you need a truck accident lawyer who has a sophisticated practice and has significant experience handling complex legal claims like Arlington truck accidents cases. The Arlington truck accident attorneys with the Fulgham Hampton Law Group have the experience, skill, and track record of success you need to obtain compensation for your losses due to the negligence of a large truck operator.

Texas Truck Crash Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation compiles statistics regarding truck crashes in the state. The DOT further breaks down the truck crash statistics to the county level. In Tarrant County in 2016, there were:

  • 17 deaths in 17 fatal accidents,
  • 62 incapacitating crashes causing 69 incapacitating injuries,
  • 214 non-incapacitating crashes and 308 non-incapacitating injuries,
  • 320 injury crashes causing 500 injuries,
  • 1,567 non-injury crashes involving 5,566 people,
  • 14 were of unknown severity, and 208 people involved in truck crashes did not have an injury determination.

The Texas DOT does not ascribe a reason for the crash. On the other hand, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) does so. The FMCSA studied large truck crash causation for a period of time. The FMCSA analyzed the data it obtained and was able to determine large truck accident causation factors. Some factors like drunk driving and fatigued driving were less of a problem among truck drivers, although fatigued driving is a substantial concern, and were a large contributing factor for passenger cars.

The FMCSA primarily found that truck accidents caused by the truckers themselves fell into four distinct categories. Those categories are:

  • Non-performance for falling ill behind the wheel by heart attack, stroke, or another incapacitating medical event, falling asleep while driving, or another physical event;
  • Recognition or failing to recognize the situation, was driving distracted, or was inattentive for some other cause;
  • Poor decision making such as speeding, misjudging speed of other cars, or mismanaging the distance between the truck and another vehicle; and
  • Poor performance such as panicking resulting in overcorrection or otherwise failing to maintain control over the truck.

These broad categories encompass many performance and physical deficiencies. Many drivers feel pressured into driving longer hours than permitted by federal law, speed, drive tired, of while feeling ill. These problems also lead to driving vehicles that are not in proper working condition and driving with brakes that perform poorly or tires that are worn and should be replaced before taking the road.

Available Compensation for Arlington Truck Crashes

Compensation depends on what happened when the accident occurred and the losses the injured suffered. Damages for truck crashes include:

  • Medical costs,
  • Future medical expenses,
  • Lost wages,
  • Anticipated lost compensation,
  • Physical pain, and
  • Emotional pain and suffering.

Arlington 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

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