Arlington Wrongful Death Lawyers

The uncertainty of your future in the aftermath of losing a family member or loved one in an Arlington car accident can leave you stressed, overwhelmed, and confused, in addition to the emotional injuries you suffered. You could be left wondering how you are going to move on after your family member was suddenly taken from you. You must find a while to move on with your life, try to heal, and fill the financial losses you suffered because of another careless driver.

While you may be uncertain what course of action you should take, the Arlington car accident lawyers with the law firm of Fulgham Hampton Law Group are not. The Arlington car wreck attorneys with Fulgham Hampton understand the pain and anguish through which you suffer. That is why we aggressively fight to recover the maximum amount of damages for your injuries. You can count on Fulgham Hampton to guide you through the complicated process of recovering monetary compensation for your Arlington auto collision and injury claim.

Fatal Car Crash Statistics

Texas roads can be deadly. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) maintains statistics about how crashes occur, among many others. In 2016, the IIHS calculated that 3,776 people lost their lives in fatal motor vehicle accidents in Texas alone. Nearly one-half of all fatal accidents involved only one vehicle. In 2017, the number of fatalities remained consistent with 2016. However, all reporting is not completed for the year in 2017. Some indications are the number of deaths may rise by as much as 10% when the final calculations are done. Alarmingly, the death rates in Texas rose approximately 34% since 2010.

The Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in Arlington

Car crashes are the result of numerous factors in Arlington. According to some estimates, more cars, trucks, SUV, and tractor-trailer trucks fight for space on roads, highways, and interstates that have become increasingly more congested. Typically more people will purchase more vehicles and drive more often when the national economy is strong. Right now, the economic conditions in the U.S. and Texas favor crowded roads. People generally have more money because of the recent economic success and coupled with lower gas prices and an increase in the Texas population, the number of vehicles on the road increases exponentially. More cars taking up space on Texas’ roads mean more chances to get into a collision with another driver.

Another contributing factor to the increase in fatal car accidents in Arlington and all across Texas is distracted driving. Some observers of the driving behavior of Texas drivers opine that more and more people drive distracted. This trend is not singular to Texas. However, Texas’ new distracted driving law which took effect on September 1, 2017, should reduce the number of people driving while texting or otherwise using their smartphones.

Drunken driving accidents continue to plague our roads. Driving a car or another vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquors or after taking legal or illegal drugs needlessly and recklessly endangers every other person on Texas roads. In 2016, the IIHS calculated that 1,722 died in motor vehicle wrecks that at least one driver was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Why You Need an Experienced Wrongful Death Lawyer From Arlington

Wrongful death claims are very complex cases to pursue. The legal aspects of the case like complying with the two-year statute of limitations for wrongful death cases in Texas and correctly calculating your losses according to Texas law are challenging for some lawyers. More than one party may be responsible for your family member’s untimely demise. The Arlington wrongful death lawyers with Fulgham Hampton understand the complexities of Texas wrongful death law and have had tremendous success bringing closure to families who tragically lost loved ones in fatal car accidents in Arlington and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

For More information on the Damages You Can Collect for Your Arlington Wrongful Death Claim

Call the Arlington Wrongful Death Lawyers of Fulgham Hampton Law Group at 817-697-4400 to schedule a convenient time to meet with our experienced and skilled Arlington Wrongful Death lawyers. We understand that no amount of money can replace the loss of your loved one. However, vigorously pursuing damages from those responsible for your loss can give you experience justice for you and your family member tragically taken from