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Whether you are involved in a dispute over a cloud on the title of your family home or breach of the terms of a commercial lease, the effective resolution of real estate disputes can have a dramatic impact on your life and business.  Successful litigation of property issues involves identifying the unique aspects of a case to determine the best path to a desirable outcome for our client.  Whether we are designing a creative settlement or developing legal theories unexpected by the other side in litigation, we recognize the value of innovative solutions to complex litigation problems.

At Fulgham Hampton Law Group, our clients put trust in our collective experience handling hundreds of trials, including many in front of a jury.  This background means that our clients know they have “trial lawyers” in their corner rather than an attorney who settles all disputes.  At Fulgham Hampton Law Group, we are experienced in presenting cases to a jury.

Comprehensive Coverage in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Because of our extensive trial litigation backgrounds, FH Law Group has the ability and experience to handle a wide range of real estate litigation.  Some of the types of real estate litigation that we handle include:

  • Boundary and Title Disputes: We represent clients in a wide range of issues that impact claims of ownership or clouds on title. We routinely represent clients in easement, boundary, and title disputes.
  • Disputes with Contractors: We handle all types of litigation involving contractor disputes on behalf a variety of entities, such as property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and other entities.
  • Breach of Contract Issues: Although our firm is meticulous in the preparation of documents pertaining to real estate transactions, we know that disputes may still occur. We represent clients in contract disputes related to purchase agreements in both a residential and commercial context, contracts relating to commissions, conflicts over option terms, disagreements regarding financing terms and conditions, and a broad range of other contractual issues.
  • Breach of a Commercial Lease: We represent both property owners and business tenants in conflicts involving issues ranging from eviction from a commercial property to enforcement of contract provisions regarding the responsibilities of the parties.
  • Partition Actions: When a commercial or residential property needs to be partitioned, we represent property owners in partition actions.
  • Public Nuisance Litigation: We represent property owners both in pursuing and defending nuisance claims.
  • Nondisclosure and Fraud Claims: Our attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in misrepresentation, material non-disclosure, and fraud claims involving sellers, agents, and brokers.
  • Foreclosure Issues: We represent parties in mortgage foreclosure actions both in prosecuting and defending lawsuits. Our law firm also can assist in proceeding with a deficiency claim following foreclosure where applicable.
  • Condemnation and Reverse Condemnation Proceedings: We represent property owners when governmental entities move to take land from individuals and companies for public use. If the government is attempting to assert its right of eminent domain, it can acquire private land for public use even if the owner does not want to sell.  However, a property owner is entitled to be compensated at the fair market value of the highest and best use of the property.  Our attorneys assist clients in ensuring that government entities comply with this obligation.

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We represent clients in residential and commercial real estate litigation matters ranging from boundary disputes between residential owners to complex commercial litigation. We are committed to providing the highest quality legal service, which has allowed us to build our reputation throughout the real estate industry for efficient and effective resolutions of real estate disputes. The FH Law Group has helped hundreds of people in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Tarrant County.  Call us today at (817) 697-4400 for a free consultation.