NYE Fireworks Explosion Injury? File Your TX Defective Product Claim!

Fireworks Injuries | Product Liability

It’s not a real New Year’s Eve celebration unless there are fireworks, right? Whether it’s a professional display or a backyard show, fireworks are how people welcome a new year worldwide.

Most of the time, it’s all in good fun, nothing goes wrong, and everyone has a safe evening. Sometimes, though, things go wrong.

Defective Fireworks Explosions Injure Texans Every NYE

Fireworks are dangerous, and if they’re not manufactured correctly, that danger is compounded. One Houston man totaled his car this year when more than 600 fireworks went off in his trunk on New Year’s Eve. He got off easy, though –  no one was hurt. That’s not usually the case. Many firework accidents can seriously injure or kill people.[...]