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Whether bus lines are transporting children to school, commuters to work, or tourist to destinations across Texas and the U.S., they constitute an essential component of our mass transit system. Statistically, buses constitute one of the safest forms of transportation, but a crash can result in mass casualties and fatalities. Buses usually are not equipped with the basic safety features found in passenger cars, such seatbelts and air bags. Approximately 60,000 collisions involving buses occur in a typical year. At Fulgham Hampton Law Group, we work diligently to protect the rights of injury victims and assist in making them whole, so they can rebuild their lives.

Bus accidents have become more common with the rise of rogue bus companies that skirt federal and state regulations and established safety practices. Despite efforts to crack down on wayward bus companies, marginal bus operators circumvent compliance with safety regulations and enforcement of established safety standards by shutting down operations and reopening the company with a new name.

Special Issues Involved in Bus Accident Litigation

When pursuing a personal injury claim against a bus line, a number of special liability rules and procedures often shape the litigation. If you were riding a Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) bus during a collision, the rules governing a “common carrier” will govern the liability of the public transit line. “Common carriers” are mass transit companies that offer transportation to the public at a fixed rate. The status of a bus line as a common carrier subjects the company to a higher duty of care. The rationale behind this more intense standard is that passengers genuinely entrust their safety to the bus line. The bus company has control over the hiring, training, and supervision of the bus driver, as well as maintenance of the vehicle. Since the ability to perform safety measures remains entirely with the bus line, passengers receive the protection of a higher standard of care.

Bus accident litigation also differs from many traffic accident claims because a public entity will frequently be a responsible party. Since municipalities and other government subdivisions frequently operate bus lines, these public entities often will be a defendant in bus accident lawsuits. While sovereign immunity protects government entities from liability for injuries caused by their negligence, Texas like other states has a law called the Texas Tort Claims Act that waives this immunity to some degree. However, the statute imposes special procedures and a relatively narrow deadline for providing notice of the claim. Failure to comply with these special rules and procedures can result in an injury victim forfeiting the right to pursue a legal claim against the government subdivision. Since the public entity might be the only responsible party with adequate insurance coverage to fully compensate the claim, representation by a Fort Worth bus attorney with experience handling mass transit accident claims is important.

Most Common Causes of Bus Accidents

FH Law Group attorneys frequently work with accident reconstruction experts because the factors that contribute to a bus collision can be complicated. Sometimes the negligent acts or omissions of multiple parties cause a bus crash. Parties who might be liable for causing a bus accident include:

  • Bus companies that do not adequately screen or train their drivers
  • Bus drivers impaired by intoxicating substances
  • Public entities for failing to safely design or construct the roadway
  • Independent maintenance companies with contracts to service bus company vehicles
  • A driver of another vehicle whose negligence triggers a chain reaction accident involving a bus

If you are involved in a busing accident and suffer serious injury or a loved one dies, you must act quickly because special rules often apply when a public entity is involved. The deadline for initiating a claim under a tort claims act might be much sooner than the date the statute of limitations expires.

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