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Bus lines serve a valuable mass transit option used by children going to school, employees commuting to work, tourists sightseeing, and families traveling cross-country to visit loved ones.  Although bus travel constitutes one of the safest modes of transportation on a statistical basis, these large motorcoaches lack basic safety features like seatbelts and air bags when accidents occur.  While buses provide a relatively safe means of travel, approximately 60,000 buses are involved in crashes each ye

At the Fulgham Hampton Law Group, our Parker County bus accident attorneys have a thorough understanding of the special liability rules and challenges that must be handled when suing a public entity for a mass transit accident.  Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have made their careers in courtrooms during their nearly forty years of combined experience.  Our lawyers have been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers as Top 100 Trial Lawyers and as Top 40 Under 40.  Attorneys in our firm have also been evaluated by AVVO and received a perfect rating of 10.0.  Our reputation and experience can provide an edge when dealing with insurance companies for public entities and large private transportation companies.

What Makes Bus Accident Litigation Special?

Special liability rules apply when litigating an injury claim in the wake of a collision.  Many commuter and city bus lines are owned by or hired under a contract with a public entity.  Public entities benefit from sovereign immunity, which relieves the government from liability for the negligence of employees that cause injury depending on the circumstances.  Busing injury victims must comply with the special requirements of the Texas Tort Claims Act, which includes providing written notice of a claim prior to filing a lawsuit.  The deadline for compliance with this mandatory notice requirement is only six months, so time is of the essence in seeking legal advice.  If you fail to satisfy the special procedural hurdles under this statute, your right to pursue a claim against the government usually will be completely barred.

Fortunately, another unique aspect of the law related to busing litigation favors injury victims.  Many bus lines that operate in Parker County and the surrounding areas of Texas are considered “common carriers.”  In this context, the term refers to an entity that transports the general public and that is subject to government licensing or regulation typically based on established times, routes, and rates.  Because the safety of passengers is entirely within the control of the common carrier, the law imposes the highest duty of care to protect riders from injury.

Public and private entities that operate bus lines are subject to the regulatory authority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  This agency imposes regulations designed to promote the safety of passengers.  Our Parker County bus accident attorneys have extensive knowledge of these regulations because violations often constitute a basis for imposing liability.  We also examine the regulatory history of a bus line to determine if the company has an established pattern of prior safety violations.

Causes of Bus Accidents

While every accident is unique, there are certain factors that often play a role in causing a collision involving a bus, such as:

  • Careless operation of the bus by the driver
  • Mechanical issues because of neglect in performing inspections and maintenance
  • Inattentive operation of the bus (e.g. talking on a cell phone, texting, etc.)
  • Drowsy or fatigued bus drivers
  • Lack of screening, hiring, or training
  • Violation of the speed limit
  • Negligent drivers of vehicles other than the bus
  • Operation of a bus while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol

Handling the Full Spectrum of Bus Accidents in Parker County

Our dedicated and seasoned Parker County bus collision attorneys combine their expertise in bus accident law with experience in the courtroom to provide effective representation in all busing litigation, such as:

  • City buses
  • Commuter buses
  • Long distance buses (Greyhound, etc.)
  • Tour buses
  • School buses

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