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Any person who has experienced an explosion and survived the experience knows that the impact of the blast and accompanying burn injuries can be excruciating and debilitating.  Explosion victims face the prospect of a long painful recovery, disfigurement, repeated surgeries, and emotional struggles.  When people experience an explosion, the incident can cause lacerations, broken bones, and severe burn injuries.  Serious burns are extraordinarily painful to treat and can result in life-threatening infections.  Even after the physical injuries have healed, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can have a devastating impact on victims and their families.

Common types of explosions that result in severe burn injuries include chemical plant accidents, oil rig explosions, vehicle accidents, defective products incidents, and industrial or construction accidents.  Many catastrophic burn injuries are caused by explosions.  Explosions generally occur where there is a leak of natural gas or propane, but also as a result of dust accumulation, household chemicals, gasoline build up, farming chemicals, heating devices, electrical devices, camping stoves, the presence of combustible substances, and many other causes.

Explosion accident and fire injury claims are very complex and generally, revolve around the legal issues of causation and fault.  Multiple experts often are needed, such as medical experts, engineering experts, chemical experts, or fire investigators to uncover the true cause of your injuries.

At FH Law Group, we possess the available resources to successfully investigate, negotiate, and advocate for the financial compensation that you need to cover medical costs and lost income, as well as to protect your quality of life.  Our Fort Worth explosion accident attorneys understand the pain and suffering you have endured and might continue to endure as a result of your injuries.  We have developed a reputation for compassionately and zealously representing clients during their efforts to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. We rely on some of the most respected experts in Texas and throughout the U.S. to maximize the compensation you need to facilitate your recovery.

Common Causes of Texas Explosion Accidents

If you or a family member experiences injury during an explosion caused by the unreasonably careless or reckless conduct of an individual, company, or government entity, you might have a right to financial compensation for your injuries.  Some common causes of explosions in Texas include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: The potential risk of a fuel leak near the components of the electrical system creates a danger that a collision will result in an explosion.  An accident often causes electrical components to be knocked out of place or for protective housings intended to prevent fire or explosion to be compromised.
  • Defective Products: When a product is defectively designed, manufactured, or sold without adequate warnings, the product can cause a fire or explosion. Lithium batteries for cell phones and laptop computers have been the subject of recent safety recalls.  Product liability lawsuits against manufacturers are complex, so injury victims need an experienced attorney who has worked with experts on explosion accident cases.
  • Industrial and Construction Accidents: Workplaces, such as manufacturing plants, oil rigs, oil refineries, and construction sites might be the location of outdated equipment, incendiary chemicals, and flammable substances that may be the source of a Fort Worth explosion accident. Negligent safety practices and improper training of employees leads to serious injuries and fatalities each year.  Many industrial plants have machines with parts that reach extremely high temperatures and make contact with gasoline residue or other combustible substances.
  • Gas Pipeline Explosions: Poorly designed, compromised, or improperly maintained gas pipelines can cause a massive explosion that results in a high number of victims with catastrophic burns and other explosion injuries.

When you or someone close to you suffers serious injury because of an explosion, our law firm conducts a thorough investigation for our clients.  We work diligently to build a persuasive claim for our client.  At FH Law Group, we tenaciously pursue the maximum recovery for injury victims in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Tarrant County.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation at (817) 697-4400 or visit our website.