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When you or someone you love suffers severe injury in a car accident, the physical, emotional, and financial hardships can be overwhelming. As an experienced Fort Worth car accident lawyer, we understand these hardships. At FH Law Group, we diligently seek the financial compensation that car accident victims need to achieve the fullest recovery and reclaim their lives. We possess the financial resources and litigation experience to tenaciously pursue compensation on behalf of car accident injury victims against large insurance companies.

Unfortunately, car accidents happen frequently—both within the United States and closer to home. According to the Texas Department of Transportation data, there were 12,796 total crashes within Fort Worth city limits in 2020. And it’s during these times of emergency where it’s essential to have reliable legal counsel to help you receive compensation for any car accident damages and injuries.

If you or a family member find yourself a victim of a crash that resulted from another driver’s negligence, it’s essential to understand all your options. The Fulgham Hampton Law Group, representing clients within Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout the Lone Star State, is here for you and your loved ones. Our Fort Worth car accident attorneys will review your case, explain your legal options, and maximize the compensation you receive for any losses. Receive your free case review today by calling (817) 697-4400 or contacting us.

Receive Help from an Experienced Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney

When individuals in the Fort Worth area leave their homes for work in the morning, no one expects to get into a car accident during their commute. However, one person on Texas roadways was injured nearly every two minutes, and one person dies from a car accident about every two and a half hours. Car accidents are a widespread problem throughout the state that severely impacts health and finances for anyone involved.

Ideally, you form a relationship with an attorney in your area before an accident even occurs. But under circumstances where you or a relative are involved in an accident unexpectedly, this isn’t always possible. And one of the crucial questions you should ask yourself immediately after an accident is whether you should work with a car accident attorney. This guide explains what to do after a crash, how to receive help from an experienced car accident attorney, and what to expect during legal proceedings due to a car accident claim or lawsuit.

Why Should You Hire a Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney?

Because of how common car accidents are and how much damage they do, it’s essential to work with an experienced car accident attorney whenever you’re involved in a crash.

Many individuals who find themselves victims of a car accident feel like it’s too expensive to work with an attorney and prefer to work directly with the other driver’s insurance company or even try to handle court proceedings by themselves. Yet, this is a costly mistake that can reduce the amount of compensation you receive and even change the outcome of your court case.

Instead, the best option is to find an attorney from the Fulgham Hampton Law Group, who will investigate the crash, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight to settle your injury claim or win a lawsuit. Working with an experienced attorney with a track record of securing top-dollar settlements or lawsuit awards for car accident victims will give you peace of mind that your case is handled correctly.

In addition, you don’t pay out of pocket until our attorneys reach a beneficial outcome on your case, meaning that you don’t need to worry about the cost of exceptional legal counsel. Instead, you can focus on recovering your health while we fight using the full extent of the law for compensation for any damages you suffer.

Insurance Company Tactics Designed to Undermine Car Accident Injury Claims

Insurance companies often exploit those who are not represented by an experienced lawyer. If you are unfamiliar with the tactics commonly used by insurance companies, it is easy to mismanage your auto accident claim or to forfeit your rights entirely. Some of the strategies employed by auto insurance carriers to avoid liability or minimize the amount paid on claims include the following:

Tactics of Delay: Insurance companies understand the financial hardships that confront families when faced with high medical bills and a sudden loss of household income. Sometimes insurance companies will exploit these financial hardships by dragging out the settlement process. Insurance carriers hope the financial pressure will become so great that accident victims will settle their claim for pennies on the dollar.

General Release of Liability: Many insurance companies provide a general release of liability often accompanied by a nominal settlement amount. The goal is to have car accident injury victims sign this form before they have any idea about the value of their claim or the extent of their injuries. A general release of liability could waive all claims, including those that you are not aware exist.

Damaging Statements: An insurance adjuster may contact you and indicate that they need “your side of the story” so that they can settle your claim. It is important to understand the insurance company’s real motivations. The purpose of a recorded statement is to develop evidence that can be used to deny or minimize the value of your claim. An injury victim should never discuss any aspect of their car accident claim with the other party’s insurance company representative before obtaining legal advice from an experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney. Many unrepresented parties make disclosures regarding pre-existing injuries or expressing feelings of guilt about being involved in an accident that later compromises their personal injury claim.

Exploiting Ignorance: Insurance adjusters understand that the typical auto injury victim has no way to determine the value of a car accident claim without legal advice. The adjuster may try to convince you that your case is not worth anything because there was minimal property damage. Adjusters often refer to such claims as “low impact car accidents.” The reality is that severe whiplash injuries that may cause pain and disability for months are common in accidents with minimal property damage.

Statute of Limitations: Car accident claims in Tarrant County or anywhere throughout Texas are subject to strict timing requirements called the “Statute of Limitations.” This time limit designates the deadline for initiating a car accident lawsuit by filing a “civil complaint.” When car accident victims fail to comply with this deadline, it will typically serve as an absolute barrier to their personal injury lawsuit regardless of the merits of their case. If you are not represented by an experienced Fort Worth car accident lawyer, an insurance company may try to drag out negotiations so that you fail to comply with the statute of limitations.

What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents in Fort Worth?

With a population of 29 million, many people live, work, commute, and travel through Texas daily. Unfortunately, with so many people relying on vehicles for personal and business use, it’s understandable that we experience vehicular accidents. Here are the most common reasons why automobile accidents occur on Texas roads.

Due To Speeding

Texas has some unique speeding laws. There are “prima facie” limits, where individuals can drive above the posted speed limit in certain conditions. Because circumstances exist where drivers might exceed the posted limit, other drivers also feel like they can speed without concern of endangering others.

With that in mind, speeding is dangerous when it puts others at risk, even if it’s legal in some parts of the state. Exceeding the speed limit puts yourself, your passengers, and other drivers at risk of an accident. Driving too fast decreases your response time while increasing the risk of losing control of your vehicle.

Because of Drinking and the Influence of Drugs

Texas regularly has a high alcohol-impaired driving fatality rate, making the roads unsafe for those following the laws. Consumption of alcohol and drugs before driving can cause damage to yourself, property, and other people’s lives. It is a significant problem because alcohol and drugs reduce your mental and physical ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

As A Result of Texting and Other Driver Distractions

Texting, phone calls, and adjusting the car dash are just a few things that can distract drivers during their average commute. Even though there are laws about texting and using the phone as you drive, drivers in Texas have a difficult time putting their phones away. But every time a driver looks at their phone in the car, it distracts them from driving and increases the likelihood of causing an accident.

As you can tell, there are several reasons why drivers get into car accidents in the Fort Worth, TX area. Weather, improper vehicle maintenance, distractions, and the influence of drugs are a few ways that single and multi-vehicular accidents begin.

Some causes for car crashes are easier to prove fault for than others but require extensive preparation and investigation. Don’t prevent yourself from receiving compensation for the damages another driver caused by waiting too long.

If you believe that any of these common problems were the reason another driver caused your accident, contact us to learn your best options.

Here’s What to Do After a Car Accident in Texas

What should you do after an accident? Immediately after a crash, emotions will run high, and it’s easy to forget all the tasks you should complete documenting the accident. Here are the steps you should take after a car accident in Texas.

  1. If necessary, seek medical attention.

The first thing to focus on is your injuries and the injuries of others. If there are any passengers in your vehicle, check in with them before checking in with the other driver. If there’s a medical emergency, call 911. Otherwise, contact the local police to report the accident after moving away from oncoming traffic if you can do so safely.

  1. Take photos, videos, and notes about vehicle and property damage.

Once the police officer arrives, get all their contact information, and start taking notes about the incident. Record everything, from the weather and driving conditions, to what caused the accident. Take photographs, videos, and jot notes to document your case.

  1. Collect contact information from drivers and witnesses.

Next, receive contact information from anyone else involved in the accident, including the driver and passengers in the other vehicle. Also, be sure to document their driver’s license number, home address, phone number, and insurance information. Keep this information in a safe place for documentation purposes. You’ll also want to request a copy of the police accident report, either at the scene or later from the Texas Department of Transportation.

  1. Get medical attention.

Even if you feel fine, it’s always best to visit a physician after a car accident. Some injuries develop months or years after a car accident. A physician can check you out, document any damages, and explain treatment options. Your attorney will also want to know about your injuries and treatment methods for settlement or lawsuit purposes.

  1. Refuse to speak with the other driver’s insurance company.

Most drivers think that speaking with the other driver’s insurance company is necessary after a crash. However, it’s best to have your attorney speak with the insurance company on your behalf. Otherwise, you risk falling for common strategies insurance companies use to reduce your settlement. Don’t let this happen to you by refusing to make a recorded statement and only working with an insurance company through your attorney.

  1. Contact A Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney and Discuss Your Case

A Fort Worth car accident attorney will protect your legal rights and ensure that you receive total compensation for injuries and damages caused by a negligent driver. They’ll discuss the facts of your case with you, work with insurance companies, and fight for total compensation if your case goes to court.

With experienced legal counsel, you’ll receive more compensation for your damages in a shorter period than you can achieve without an attorney representing you. Discuss your case with The Fulgham Hampton Law Group today during your free legal consultation.

Do Fort Worth Drivers Need Lawyers After a Car Accident?

There are some circumstances where you do not need an attorney to represent you in a car accident. Generally, the more severe a crash, the more likely you should use the services of a Fort Worth car accident attorney. These questions will help you determine whether to hire a Fort Worth car accident attorney.

  • Did the car accident result in injuries or fatalities?

If you or a loved one suffered injuries during an accident, you should work with an attorney. Your attorney will determine the current and future costs of medical treatments and calculate your current expenses. An attorney should help you on your case whenever multiple parties are involved in the accident, one or more people have injuries, or you cannot afford medical care due to another driver’s negligence.

  • Is there vehicle or property damage?

Fixing a vehicle and making sure you have transportation after a crash cost money. An attorney will help you recover damages after an accident so that you can replace your car and other property damaged after an accident. Even if there’s minor damage to your vehicle or your property, it’s good to speak with an attorney about how they can help you recover any injuries and guide you through the next steps of the legal process.

  • Are you incurring insurance or medical costs from the accident?

Some individuals only recover damages of their property and forget to take care of their own health needs during minor accidents. However, if you suffer from a financial loss because of another driver’s negligent actions causing an accident, you should work with an attorney to recover those damages. Your attorney will document financial loss and use this information during negotiations with insurance companies to help you get back on your feet.

These are a few of the reasons why you should work with an attorney after a car accident. If you answered yes to any of these questions, call us at (817) 697-4400. We’ll begin with a free case review and help you determine your next steps to receive compensation from a liable party after an accident.

How Soon After an Accident Must I File a Lawsuit?

You must act right away after suffering injuries or other damages from a car accident. There’s a statute of limitations in Texas that limits the time you must file a lawsuit against the negligent driver. Therefore, after securing your health, your next goal should be to work with a Fort Worth car accident attorney to begin legal proceedings. The sooner you start working with an attorney, the better of an outcome you’re likely to receive.

Compensation for Injuries in Fort Worth Car Accident Claims

When inconsiderate, inattentive or unsafe drivers cause serious motor vehicle collisions, it can mean severe debilitating injuries including spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, traumatic brain injury impairing mental functioning, amputation of limbs, broken bones, and even fatalities. When you suffer this type of severe injury, our law firm seeks compensation for economic out of pocket losses and more intangible losses of personal injury victims.

Work With a Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney to Represent Your Best Interests

Car accidents happen when Texans least expect and disrupt the well-being of everyone involved. Because auto accidents are inevitable, it’s crucial to find the right lawyer that can guide you through the car accident claim or lawsuit process. By working with the Fulgham Hampton Law Group, you’ll have a stress-free time receiving the compensation you deserve.

Don’t try to recover damages from your automobile accident alone. An experienced law group will maximize the amount you recover while negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf. If you or a loved one were recently involved in a car accident, begin the journey to recovery by contacting us.

Speak to an Experienced Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney Today

We will compassionately and zealously advocate for your rights while seeking the best possible outcome. We represent injury victims in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Tarrant County. Contact us today for a FREE consultation at  (817) 697-4400 or visit our website.

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The Fulgham Hampton Law Group legal team of injury lawyers provides you with skilled litigators that have tried over 100 jury trials in Texas with expertise in matters ranging from car accident cases, complex cases with insurance companies and skilled settlement negotiations. Our injury lawyers are here to help you navigate the complex legal system and make important decisions to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

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Our legal team of personal injury lawyers has over 45+ years of experience and over 100 jury trials in Texas. Our personal injury attorneys have a stellar reputation for dealing with insurance companies, negotiating favorable settlements with insurance companies, providing a thorough and prompt investigation and fighting to make sure you receive all the compensation your entitled to under the law.

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Once you entrust us with your case, we commit to you and your cause and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Because we limit the number of cases we accept, our injury attorneys and staff are able to focus on your case and commit the time and resources necessary to achieve the best possible result. We promise you that your case will be handled with compassion and the personal attention and detail you deserve!

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